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This is Weusi Familia’s Official blog. Weusi Familia is an entertainment group of rappers and singers dealing mainly in hiphop/dancehall/afrobeat music. The group,currently of 6 is signed to relatively new Kenyan based labels Hitz Republic and DMG. Officially founded back in `08 by Mchizi Gaza(Michael Gathu) and Don Blaze(Andrew Bowy),seeing that the idea was a good one more artists joined the movement,specifically Bilari Sir Maluchi(Lemmy Lukoye) and Mikka(Michael Gitahi) and eventually Yung Dane( Daniel Bowy) who happens to be The Dons small bro and 1ST LADY Petra Bockle.Weusi can be described as a family of highly talented,unique kenyan music artists all of whom have formidable reputations as individual acts,united inorder to create and advocate for good music. In a broader scope members of Weusi are working mainly towards making kenyan hiphop/pop/RnB more internationally viable.For anyone who has got the chance to listen to Weusi`s music,the first notion is IS THIS REALLY KENYAN MUSIC? Weusi members try hard to combine various sounds to fuse with the  local sounds found in the 254 and also mixes english,swahili and sheng (street slang) giving their music a broader scope.The group currently has several mixtapes out and is working on their debut album 11.11.11 due  November 11th ,produced by Dan Tha Storm for Hitz Republic/DMG.

Gaza Show 2011:

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