Taking the Kenyan Music Industry to new Heights


      As members of WEUSI FAMILIA we felt it is very important to make a change in the community(s) around through our music. To be part of a worth while cause the will to help is always what`s most important. We as Weusi have opted to commit ten percent(10%) of our  annuall proceeds to donate to a different charity of choice every year.

During the year members of the group take time out every once in a hile from their busy schedule to identify worthwhile charities and causes that require the support and draft a list inorder to later  pick which specific one`s to give the donation to . From there members  try to identify the main challenges the organisation/charity/cause is facing thus being able to determine how best to assist. A date of implementation is set towards the end of the year. All the subsequent information is made available for the fans, well wishers and press.
Please join our mailing list for more information on how you can become part of this epic movement, any input/contribution made will be highly appreciated and give one a chance to join our esteemed TOP FAN CLUB (members get full exclusive deals and bargains on all Weusi merchandise and concerts).
Any suggestions of charities and organisations you may feel would require the assistance would be highly appreciated.

One response

  1. charles muraya a.k.a mzee m'moja

    Guys you rock only have to shine your talents to the world

    October 14, 2011 at 3:26 pm

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