Taking the Kenyan Music Industry to new Heights


A group of 6 musicians(rappers/singers & a producer)

Think about all the genii in the world you know: Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Zucherberg……

Imagine 8 of them working on a joint album;
The result: For lack of a better word: Legendary

Weusi Familia is a hiphop/pop/alternative/dancehall group from Nairobi Kenya.
The 8 member group was formed officially in 2008, with additional members coming in through the year 2009 and 2010.

1. DON BLAZE aka Mzee Mzima- Co Founder

The Mombasa Born and Bred Rapper is widely acclaimed for his distinct flow and lyrics and most of all his swag

2. GAZA aka Mchizi Gaza- Co Founder

This dude needs no intro. If you don’t know him you need to brush up on your history about Kenyan Hip-hop.

3. Bilari aka Mastaverse/Sir Maluchi/ King wa Bounce

Self proclaimed and widely acclaimed “King Wa Bounce”,
He is especially now for his cocky and in your face flow…With approx 3 mixtapes out already and a few more to drop before his album,he is definitely going for the jugular.

4. Mikka

The R&B singer who is now exploring other genres of music has been singing for as long as he can remember. His debut album is currently in pre production

5. Yung Dane

This is for sure the youngest rapper alive in Kenya right now. The 2nd yr student at Pioneer School says he is just getting started and is out to “Conquer everyone and everything in his way”…Simply put..Go hard or go home…

6. Petra

The newest Weusi Familia signee repping Mombasa to the fullest. The young female rapper/singer is definitely one to look out for especially now that she’s being groomed for a major debut.

Weusi Familia is currently about to launch their self titled debut 9 track mixtape Released under Hitz Republic & DMG

The mixtape is Executively Produced by Producers Danthastorm & Jay Are.


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